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Qian-Zhu Bo Xie Xiao-De
Alberto Cottignoli Qiu Xi-Xuan
Fu Yi-Yao Andre cottavoz
Giorgio Scalco Paul Guiramand

Qian-Zhu BO  back  



1958 Born in Toyko, Japan
Entered Tokyo Art University, paintings Department
Graduated from Toyko Art University
Received Ph.D. from Toyko Art University
Exhibit at Taipei Art Gallery
1996 { JAPAN TOUR 1996 }
13 city tour of Japan
Specializes in excellent use of colour and space. Created a new generation of Japanese paintings.

Xie Xiao-De  back

Born in Tao-Yuan, Taiwan in 1940. Graduated from Xin-Wu Elementary School, Yang-Mei Junior and Senior High School. Graduated from Taiwan National Normal University, Art Department. Studied at Louvre Art Collage, Paris, Frence. Professor of Graduate School, National Normal Taiwan University.

Qiu Xi-Xuan  back

Nickname " Shan-Ba ".  Born in Taiwan, 1938. Liked painting as a child . His specialty is exaggeration and humor with deep meaning. For 20 years, he has used tar, asphalt in his work. His work describes common people; his paintings are bright. His shows are funny satires reflecting philosophies in life.
He uses an exclusive style of tar and asphalt in his work to describe society's situation, inclusion, Judgment and love. Accept, feel and understand. Think deeply and reflect. He has painted for former U.S.A. President Clinton and the Pope.

Alberto Cottignoli     back

  Born in Italy, 1948, he majored in philosophy in University and studied basic architecture. He always communicated with other artists and made sure he had his own specialty.
Cottignoli's painting techniques display over realistic ideas, reflecting philosophical thinking and meaning. He explored opposites and two side of a relationship. Cottignoli's " freie Berliner kunstausstellung " exhibit received very good reviews. In 1988 he received the first prize for Mengdali Award. In 1991, he had his own exhibit in Japan.


Fu Yi-Yao    back

the fifth child of famous artist parents, Mr. Fu was born in 1947. He learned how to paint from his father. His paintings are open and received much praise.
1975-NanJing Trust Community painting to check authenticity. Studied Chinese art history and theory.
1980-Landscape exhibit at the Fuji Art Gallery, Japan. [Modern Chinese landscape new star: Fu Yi-Yao] received recognition for his work. 
1986-exhibit in Hong Kong ,and Japan. 12 Li Chuan paintings. Chinese TV station, Toyko TV station collaborate to create a new TV show  called " Landscape Rainbow ".
1988-published a painting book " five doors, Twelve Kahunas ". Toyko Good Friend Museum exhibit " Fu Yi-Yao Dark Bridge".
1990-Finished Yokohama Yuan Man Temple wall paintings and Kyoto Da Yuan Three Thousand Temple wall paintings. Completed JianCan BaFan Temple paintings, Bi Rui Shan YanLi Temple and Tian Tai Shan GuoQing Temple paintings. received art prize.  



Andre Cottavoz back
1922 - Born in France 
Studied at Lyon Art College. Won French Blennale Menton prize and the National French prize.

- Won the Feneon prize. He uses heavy oil, making colorful and strong paintings emphasizing realism. His paintings represent " Lyon Imagination ". Cottavoz is famous in France and Japan.

Giorgio Scalco back

1929 - Born in Austria
- immigrated to Milan. Studied law and started to study painting; received a scholarship at the Movie Experiment Centre. No. 1 graduate.年
- first exhibit
- in Chicago, experienced the "American life" and learned from Eco in Russia which greatly influenced him. He started painting with color; glass paintings. Exhibits in North American, Japan, Europe. Lives in Rome, and works as an art professor.

Paul Guiramand back

1926 - Born in France
- Studied at Paris Art School, taught by BoLi Anson.
- received the "Rome prize".
1957 - Second prize.
- first exhibit in Paris. He uses red as a main color and as his specialty. Many art galleries in Europe, Japan and North American display his work. 



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